Tena koe

Happy faces at Massey

Massey Playcentre sits next to picturesque Lincoln Park in the heart of Massey. On the large centre grounds our children get to explore and play, knowing they are never far from their special big person.

At Massey Playcentre you can expect a wide range of quality resources, a rich learning environment for both child and adult, and lots of laughter, fun and mess. Playcentre is our community. To enrich our relationships with one another we organise activities out of centre, play dates and social events for the parents. We are a warm and supportive lot.

Please come in during any of our sessions and let us show you what you and your children have been missing out on.

    Massey Playcentre welcomes everyone and we offer you:

    Cooking at Massey
  • 3 free visits
  • Lots of laughter, fun and friendships
  • Learning through Play
  • A Licenced Early Childhood Education provider
  • A supportive family and community of all cultures
  • High Adult to Child Ratios (1:2)
  • Free quality Adult Education
  • Mixed age sessions: 0 - 6 years
  • Committed to Te Tiriti O Waitangi and Bi-Culturalism
  • Whaanau/family Co-operative
  • A session time of 2 1/2 hours
  • A safe place to have FUN with your children

Massey Playcentre - Session Times

9:00 - 12:00
12:30 - 3:00
9:00 - 12:00 9:00 - 12:00 9:00 - 12:00
C2 in a Term
9:15 - 12:15