CYCLE - Continuing Young Childrens Learning Experiences

Co-operative Learning

Te Akoranga Playcentre Associations CYCLE sessions are four hour supervised sessions designed to extend the play experiences of the over three year olds.

CYCLE helps to prepare the older children for school by encouraging their independence within the Playcentre philosophy.

New Experiences

The sessions are supervised by three experienced Playcentre leaders, all with Playcentre Course three or higher, assisted by two or three parents who stay for one session each term. With a maximum of 15 children per session the children are assured of plenty of attention and support in their learning.

Transition to school

CYCLE helps families prepare children for school inline with Playcentre philosphy. CYCLE focuses on preparing the child for school by fostering independence, social and self-help skills and an inqusitive learning disposition.

Download our CYCLE Flyer for more information on enroling your child in CYCLE.

CYCLE Sessions - Session Times

CYCLEExtending the over three's
RanuiTuesday9:15 - 1:15
SwansonWednesday9:15 - 1:15
Henderson ValleyThursday9:15 - 1:15