Role of Adults in Playcentre

Playcentre has a high adult to child ratio, usually 1:3 but never more than 1:5, as compared to teacher-led ECE services where the ratio can be as high as 1:15. This allows Playcentre to more easily cater to each child's individual interests. Playcentre allows a child to develop their confidence and indepedence naturally and you will find they quickly become use to interecting with other adults on session. This contrasts markedly with the teacher-led services where the seperation from their primary care-giver is forced upon them on the adults terms rather than the child's.

Adults play alongside the child at Playcentre and encourage and foster the child's natural curiosity and desire to explore and make sense of the world themselves.

Canterbury Association has produced an excellent booklet "Playcentre pakiwaitara - Weaving our stories, learning together" that gives an excellent explanation of how & why we document children's learning in Playcentre. This is a great resource for all members, old & new, who are struggling with their learning stories and self review.