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The Trusts Community Foundation 10th of each month Any amount Special building, projects or maintenance, office equipment, some office administration and some salaries
Foundation North (Quick Response Grants)7 February 2017 3 April 2017
6 June 2017 7 August 2017
9 October 2017
Up to 20,000* Operating costs, * programme/project costs, resources, equipment
Foundation North (Community Support Grants)20 March 2017Over $20,000Details available online
Trillian Trust 10th of each monthAny amountEquipment or amenities e.g. playgrounds
Infinity FoundationLast working day of each monthAny amount Broad criteria
Blue Sky Community Trust 10th of each monthAny amount Broad criteria
Four Winds FoundationLast working day of each monthAny amount Broad criteria
Dragon Community Trust10th of each monthAny amount Broad criteria, priority given to applications that support the Asian community
First Sovereign Trust Limited 15th of each monthAny amountBroad criteria
Pub Charity LimitedMonthly see websiteAny amountBroad criteria
NZ Community Trust 15th of each monthAny amountSpecific activities or equipment
The Southern Trust AnytimeAny amountBroad criteria
Harcourts Foundation10 April 2017 3 July 2017 2 October 2017Any amount Specific event, project item, or initiative
Western Districts Community Foundation (Details in Western Leader in February/March)MarchAny amountBroad criteria
WWF Education Environmental Action Fund TBA opens 1 February 2017Up to $8,000Environmental initiatives
Sky City Community FoundationTBA usually MarchAny amountAnything, funding priority is family/whanau social health and wellbeing
Lions Foundation AnytimeAny amountBroad criteria
Lottery Community Biannually (2016 closing dates July and December)Any amountBroad criteria
Sir Logan Campbell Residuary Estate15 SeptemberAny amount Advancement of education
Sargood Bequest31 DecemberUp to $5,000Any specific project
Fonterra Grass Roots Fund31 March 2017$500-$5,000Community, environment and safety
Mazda Foundation 31 March 30 June 30 SeptemberAny amount Improve environment or advance culture and education
Grassroots Giving Fund1 May 2017$1,000-$10,000Broad criteria
Auckland Airport Community Trust30 June 2017Any amountBroad criteria
OfficeMax eGrants 24 March 2017Up to $5,000To assist children aged 4-18 that need extra support
Auckland Council:
Whau Quick Response14 April 2017 28 April 2017Up to $2,000Broad criteria
Whau Local Grant28 April 2017Over $2,000Broad criteria
Henderson-Massey Quick Response28 February 2017 29 April 2017$500-$2,000Broad criteria
Henderson-Massey Local Grant14 April 2017Over $2,000Broad criteria
Waitakere Ranges Quick Response3 March 2017 5 May 2017Up to $1,500Broad criteria
Waitakere Ranges Local Grant7 April 2017Over $1,500Broad criteria
Rodney Quick Response10 March 2017$500-$2,000Broad criteria
Rodney Local Grant21 April 2017$2,000-$10,000Broad criteria