Centre Property

The centre Property officer works with the health and safety officer to ensure the buildings, grounds and fixed equipment in the Playcentre are kept in good repair at all times. A visual check each week while you are on session is a good way to stay on top of wear and tear, tagging and other common issues. Any Health and Safety issues should be noted on your Playcentre's Hazard ID and notified to members via notices or end of session evaluations.

During term two the Property officer should complete the Annual Maintenance Survey and then in consultation with rest of the Playcentre amend the Playcentre's Five Year Maintenance Plan. The Five year plan is then used by the Playcentre and the Association to budget for and prioritize future works.

Any property related work at a Playcentre needs to be authorized by the Association property Convener, the convener is aware of various rules and regulations that need to be compiled with, often a phone call or email is all that is required. For minor works the Association has a Maintenance Pool and for major projects the Association can access the Northern Regional Capital Works Scheme.

Working bees or a "PD crew" are a good way to tackle some of the routine grounds maintenance, such trimming trees, 'fluffing' the softfall and refilling the sandpit. Organizing these activities is usually the property officers responsibility.

Association Property convener

The Association Property Convener is a member of the Association Executive and is responsible for ensuring that all Playcentres fully comply with all relevant building, health & safety and local bodies regulations.

They also have responsibility for administering the association Maintenance Pool and ensuring all applications to the maintenance pool met the relevant criteria. A copy of the Maintenance Pool application pack is available here.

The Property convener assists the centre Property officers by hosting the property, equipment and Health & Safety officers discussion on orientation night, holding a meeting each term for Property, Equipment and Health & Safety officers and being available to visit centres to answer questions and give guidance as required.

The Property convener attends up to three NRCWS allocation meetings per year as well as representing Te Akoranga Association at National Property meetings throughout the year.

Association Maintenance Pool

The association maintenance pool is a fund available to Playcentres in the Te Akoranga association to fund building maintenance and health and safety related projects up to $5,000.

Applications to the maintenance pool need to be submitted to the association property convener four weeks before the next scheduled association meeting to allow time for the other Playcentres in the association time to consider the application and request further information. Urgent Health & Safety work can be authorized by the convener for later ratification.

Big projects and small Go Ahead!

Northern Regional Capital Works Scheme

The NRCWS is a funded by the eight northern region Playcentre associations to fund major building projects within the region, up to a maximum of $75,000.

The property conveners and managers meet three times each year to allocate funds from the NRCWS. Although a NRCWS application looks daunting it is, for the most part, just drawing together documents that already exist.

The three allocation meetings are usually held April, July and November each year. Applications need to be with the federation property manager six weeks before the meeting, to allow time for circulation to the other associations in the region as well as for the manager to request further information or clarification of the application.

Property links

Equipment officer

The Equipment officer maintains the Playcentres equipment and purchases new equipment to meet the demands of the centre members with reference to Equipment for Playcentre.

Association Equipment co-ordinator

The Association Equipment officer reports to the Association Property Convener and ensures that all Playcentres meet the minimum equipment requirements as set-out in Equipment for Playcentre.

Health & Safety officer

The Health & Safety officer works to maintain hygiene and safety within the Playcentre, including making sure that everyone is aware of the correct cleaning process and procedures as outlined in the NZPF Health & Safety Guidelines - Aug 2009.

The ensure the civil defense kit is properly stocked and is ready for emergencies.

Civil De fence First Aid Kit Emergency Drills

Association Health & Safety co-ordinator

The Association Health & Safety officer reports to the Association Property convener as is responsible for keeping each Playcentre up-to-date with new Health & Safety legislation.

In the event of an outbreak of a notifiable disease the H&S co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring the local DHB is informed and that the correct procedures are followed by the affected Playcentre.