The Executive


The President is not "in charge" of the Association but is more responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the other Playcentre officers.

The President chairs Centre meetings and usually attends Association meetings to represent the views of their Centre.


Kia Puaawai



Education Convener

Property Convener

Public Relations

Liaison Convener

Education Team

Course Evaluator

Special Needs Facilitator

Course One Co-ordinator

Course Two Co-ordinator

Course Three and Four Co-ordinator

Teaching Staff

SPACE Facilitator

CYCLE Co-ordinator

Property Team

The property team consists of the Association Property Convener, Property Maintence Inspector, Health & Safety, and Equipment co-ordinators.

Property Maintenance Inspector

The Property Maintenance Inspector carries out termly inspections of the Playcentre and playgrounds.

The Property Maintenance Inspector is responsible for checking each Playcentre and it's playground for compliance and Health & Safety. A report of each inspection is sent to the Playcentre and to the association Property convnenor for further action, if required.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety co-ordinator ensures that Playcentres are aware of their responsibilities under Health & safety legislation.

The Health & Safety co-ordinator supports the Playcentre Health & Safety officers and is reapsonsible for liasing between the association and the Ministry of Health in the event of a pandemic.


The Equipment co-ordinator suppoorts Playcentres in their purchase of new equipment ensuring it is suitable for a Playcentre enviroment.

The Equipment co-ordinator supports Playcentre equipment officers and ensures that each Playcentre is aware of what equipment is required for a Playcentre and which items are not suitable.

Liaison Field Officers

Liaison Field Officers ( L.F.O )

The L.F.O's are an essential link between Playcentres and the association.

LFO's carry out termly inspections of their Palycentre, chair Centre Evaluation meetings and the Playcentre AGM. They are a first point of contact if there are disputes within the Playcentre which cannot be resolved internally via the disputes procedure.

Office Staff

Association Secretary.

The Association secretary provids support to the executive and Playcentres.

The secretaty ensures that all relevant information is circulated to the Executive and Playcentres in sufficent time for proper consideration prior to an executive or association meetings.

The secretary can be contacted at the Association rooms on 838-8849 or by email at

Education Records Administrator

Provides support to the education team and maintains the records of the associations adult education programme.

The Education Records administrator ensures that all trainees have a commenter for their works and that the results are correctly recorded with NZQA.

Education Systems Manager E.S.M

The E.S.M reviews and updates the content of the association adult education program.

Book Keeper

The association book keeper supports the association treasurer and handles the accounts for the assocaition

The book keeper ensures that all bills are paid on time and checks that all payments are correctly authorised.

Workshops Co-ordinator

The workshops co-ordinator manages the workshops provided as part of the association adult education programme.

The workshops co-ordinator ensures that workshops are delivered



The association I.T support person is responsible for the content of the association website and providing I.T support to office staff and Playcentres.

The association I.T support can be reach by email at